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Meet the Team

Our mission is to meet our patients where they are. We strive to do quality work and serve our dental patients and community with the utmost integrity and honesty. We feel it is our responsibility to relate and develop close, comfortable and friendly professional relationships by understanding our patients’ needs. Our goal is to meet and exceed our patients’ expectations.

Holly, Office Manager and Treatment Coordinator at Altman Dentistry.

Office Manager and Treatment Coordinator

Holly has been Dr. Altman’s Office Manager and Treatment Coordinator since 1997, Holly is Dr. Altman’s “right-hand-man,” and everyone else’s for that matter. Holly is our “go to girl!” If you need anything, you go to Holly.

A long time ago a friend suggested to Holly that she might enjoy dentistry as a profession. The rest is history! Holly has been happy with this choice, and she finds helping patients with their dentistry is very rewarding.

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Denise, Financial/Insurance Coordinator at Altman Dentistry.

Financial/Insurance Coordinator

Denise is Dr. Altman and Dr. Knowles Financial and Insurance Coordinator. She has worked in dentistry for over 34 years, and has no intention of ever leaving it. She has an abundance of experience and is very knowledgeable, when it comes to our patients’ insurance benefits. Denise helps explain patients’ treatment in layman’s terms and shows our patients how to best utilize their dental benefits in conjunction with the treatment they need. Denise will tell you; there is nothing more rewarding than helping patients through their journey in achieving optimal oral health. She likes being part of a Team that makes serving their patients a number one priority by offering quality dentistry in a caring atmosphere.

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Kyndal, Recare Coordinator at Altman Dentistry.

Recare Coordinator

Kyndal is Dr. Altman and Dr. Knowles’ Recare Coordinator. Kyndal has the gift of making people feel appreciated and good about themselves. She never meets a person she can’t relate to. Everyone wants to talk to Kyndal, because she is always complimenting people and making them feel at home in our dental office. She is our friendly, helpful person who is scheduling your Hygiene appointments for you and keeping you on your maintenance schedule.

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Nancy, Appointment Coordinator at Altman Dentistry.

Appointment Coordinator

Nancy is one of Dr. Altman and Dr. Knowles very friendly and capable Appointment and Treatment Coordinators. Nancy has been in dentistry her entire adult life. She attended The University of Texas Dental School in Houston Dental Assistant program, and she is registered Dental Assistant in the State of Texas. Her scope of experience goes way beyond dental assisting, and she is a “Jack of all Trades” in the dental office.

Nancy fell in love with dentistry, when she was a little girl. She always wanted a career helping people and dentistry has been her path to do this.

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Bailey, Concierge/Administrative Assistant at Altman Dentistry.

Concierge/Administrative Assistant

Bailey is our Patient concierge. She is the first person you meet when you come for your appointment. She graduated from Cypress Falls High School in 2013, and has been in the customer service industry since her graduation, and you will know why when you meet her. She will help you with your paperwork, insurance and any questions you may have…always with a big smile.

Bailey enjoys working with people and is very in tuned to the importance of great dental health. She will admit she is obsessed with excellent oral hygiene, because it is where overall health starts.

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Tami, Dental Assistant at Altman Dentistry.

Dental Assistant

Tami is a Registered Dental Assistant in the State of Texas. She has been in dentistry over 34 years, and she has assisted Dr. Altman since 2007. She finds giving quality care to both the young and the elderly very rewarding. Tami appreciates being part of a group that works well as a team, and we appreciate her, as well.

Tami and John have been married since 1989, and together they have two children, Aaron, and Chloe. Tami and her husband, John are now empty nesters, but they recently gained a beautiful daughter-in-law. They sold their country home on 25 acres in Hempstead to be close to their children and work. and bought a 103-year-old craftsman treasure in Brenham. Tami is enjoying updating her new home, when time allows, and she looks forward to traveling more in the future.

Genevieve, Dental Assistant at Altman Dentistry.

Dental Assistant

Genevieve is one of Dr. Altman’s talented and skilled Dental Assistants. She graduated from Gidding High School in 2011, and attended Blinn College, where she graduated as a Certified Dental Assistant. She is helpful and kind and will always greet you with a big smile on her face.

Genevieve likes to say that dentistry chose her, and the field offers so many opportunities. She loves the rapidly changing field and loves learning new things all the time. Her favorite part is interacting with patients and helping them with their dental needs. Genevieve is bilingual, which is very helpful for our Spanish speaking patients.

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Jennifer, Dental Assistant for Altman Dentistry.

Dental Assistant

Jennifer is a registered Dental Assistant in the State of Texas, and Dr. Knowles’ friendly and talented Assistant. Our office is very blessed, when it comes to finding great people. She is very happy she chose dentistry as her career, because she enjoys helping patients stay healthy with their beautiful smiles.

Jennifer grew up in Mason, Texas, and has made Brenham her home, since 1998. She is married to her best friend, Hector, and together they have four children. They are almost empty-nesters, with all but Andrew, their youngest, still at home. In Jennifer’s spare time, she enjoys attending Andrew’s soccer games and boxing classes. She, will tell you she is Hector’s number one fan, when it comes to his “Pigeon Racing Club!”

Mary, Dental Hygienist at Altman Dentistry.

Dental Hygienist

Mary graduated from Brenham High School in 1998. She graduated from Blinn College with an Associate in Science Degree in 2001, and from Wharton County Junior College with an Associate in Applied Science Dental Hygiene Degree, in 2003. Mary has been in dentistry since 1997, when she started with Dr. Altman as an Assistant. She loved dentistry so much she went back to school to become a Dental Hygienist. Mary won the “Banner Press Reader’s Choice Awards” for Dental Hygienist of the year in 2009, 2012, 2016, 2018 and 2019.

Mary has lived in Brenham all of her life, and she is married to Jason. Together they have a son, Blayne. Mary and her family are always on the go. If you ask Mary what her favorite past time is, she would answer, traveling with her family. They also enjoy watching Blayne play baseball.

Kayla, dental hygienist for Altman Dentistry.

Dental Hygienist

Kayla graduated from Texas A & M University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Health and from Blinn College in 2016, with an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Dental Hygiene. She chose being a Hygienist as her career, because she loves helping others and making people smile.

Kayla is married to her husband Garrett, and together they have twins...yes twins. Some of their favorite past times have gone by the wayside, because they are a little busy, but there is always later. In fact, Kayla says she and Garrett are getting out their clubs this fall and the twins are going to learn too! They also have their family “Fur Baby” miniature Dachshund, named Millie. Kayla enjoys spending time with her family, doing new activities with the twins, shopping, crafting and just being outside. Kayla is always smiling, and you will love her warm, friendly and caring personality.

Kaylee at Altman Dentistry.

Dental Hygienist

Kaylee is a Registered Hygienist in the State of Texas. She graduated in 2015 with an Associates of Applied Science Degree from Wharton Community Junior College. Kaylee has been with Dr. Altman’s office over 7 years, and she will tell you she loves to help her patients feel confident with their smile. She is very friendly and kind, and our patients will say Kaylee is a great communicator who very easy to understand and relate to.

Kaylee and her husband love spending family-time with their two children and friends. Kaylee also enjoys fishing on the gulf coast.

Jill at Altman Dentistry.

Dental Hygienist

Jill is a Registered Hygienist in the State of Texas. She graduated in 2020 with an Associates of Applied Science Degree from Wharton Community Junior College, but she actually started her career in dentistry, in 2005. Jill worked for Dr. Altman part-time at the front desk, while attending Brenham High School. In 2014, she became a Registered Dental Assistant in Texas, and then decided she wanted to go back to school and become a Hygienist. She enjoys helping people of all ages feel comfortable in the dental chair. Jill loves making her patients smile and feel more confident. The patients at Dr. Altman’s office find Jill pleasant, welcoming, and very knowledgeable about dentistry.

Jill has lived her entire life in Brenham. She is married to Trevor, and together they have two sons, Gunnar and Rykar. Jill loves spending time with her family and friends.