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Altman Dentistry, Periodontics in Brenham Texas.



We have a wonderful and informative program for our patients, with regard to the treatment of gum tissue. More people lose their teeth due to periodontal disease, than any other reason. We help many patients fight this disease and maintain their teeth for a lifetime.

Dr Altman and Tami with a patient.Periodontal Disease is associated with frightening thoughts for most of our patients. They have heard about experiences from other people, and when they come to our office they are afraid and feel out of control with their own periodontal situation. With Dr. Altman and Dr. Knowles' knowledge and the skills of our highly trained Hygienists, we can extinguish most fears of this disease and put many patients back in control of their periodontal disease without surgery. Our patients are given the tools they need with proper maintenance in our office and home care instruction to be able to manage this chronic disorder.