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Calming Dental Fears and Anxiety
We understand the fear and anxiety patients have regarding dental procedures. There are different avenues available to our patients with regard to comfort and relaxation. We offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and oral medication to ease apprehension. We want our patients to feel comfortable with whichever option they choose.


Although we prefer to help our patients save their teeth, we do offer removable dentistry, as well. If the patient has remaining teeth, an upper or lower partial denture can be made to replace just the missing teeth. If all the teeth are missing or need to be removed due to decay or a patient’s periodontal (gum) situation, a denture may be needed to replace the teeth on the upper or lower arch.

There are other considerations to be made when deciding to have removable dentistry. Many of our patients have opted for dentures, that are anchored with implants for a more secure type of denture. Dental implants have proven to be very successful, and implant supported dentures have changed the lives of many of our patients. Our Doctors will help you make an informed decision with the different options that may be right for you.

Ask our staff to make you an appointment for a consultation to see what options may be a viable for you.