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Oral Surgery, Altman Dentistry, Brenham Texas.

Oral Surgery


Examples are biopsy, periodontal surgery, apical surgery, implant surgery, and surgical extractions of teeth.

There are different reasons teeth may need to be removed:

  • Gum disease (teeth may become loose due to loss of bone and gum recession)

  • Trauma (due to an accident or sports injury)

  • Decay (decay in the tooth may have gone beyond repair)

  • Overcrowding (some patients have teeth that overlap each other)

  • Wisdom teeth (most patients do not have room for wisdom teeth or their wisdom teeth grow in sideways)

  • Infection ( teeth may need to be removed due to a gum infection

  • Orthodontics (patients with small mouths may not be able to accommodate all their teeth or they may have a tooth in the wrong place)

  • Many of our patients have surgical needs. Dr. Altman and Dr. Knowles are well versed in many surgical procedures. The Doctors offer a variety of surgical treatments including removal of teeth, wisdom teeth, teeth needing to be removed for orthodontic treatment and biopsies of soft tissue lesions.